The first vote of 2015 against your reproductive rights is Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.

Just months after a dangerous six-week abortion ban failed in the Ohio House, the representatives are poised to try again to pass this bill. The newly formed Committee on Community and Family Advancement has held three hearings on House Bill 69, also known as the “heartbeat” bill. The chair has scheduled a vote and all indications are it will pass.

More important than the committee vote is what happens after that. Will the Speaker schedule a vote for Thursday morning? Will House leadership hold the bill until after the budget? Tell your representative that they need to prevent this dangerous legislation from coming to the Ohio House floor for a vote.

At six weeks, many women don’t know they are pregnant. This bill removes the choice they don’t even know they could have. This bill removes the right of rape victims to terminate a pregnancy from their assault. This bill forces women with pregnancies suffering from medical complications to carry a fetus to term. We know that these decisions need to be left to women and their doctors, not politicians. We need you to speak up now.

Don’t delay on speaking for Ohio women.

– Kellie

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