NARAL’s The Morning After is a production of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.


This week, the NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio staff are busy putting on Comedy for Choice shows in Columbus and Cleveland.

What do you do when you’re busy? Have a quickie!

Gabe briefly discusses the defunding hearings that took place this week. Ohio Senate President Keith Faber led the charge against Ohio’s largest dedicated provider of women’s health care. He gets the Walk of Shame for sacrificing AIDS prevention, cancer screenings and treatment, infertility treatment, infant mortality reduction, and comprehensive sex education. All of those programs are on the chopping block because he can’t stop Planned Parenthood from offering abortions.

Senator Edna Brown gets the That’s What She Said award. Sen. Brown asked Ohio Right to Life if they were aware of the ties between the people who bomb abortions and the people who made the anti-Planned Parenthood videos. ORTL said they were aware, and also said they were not troubled by the connection.

We’ll be back next week for a full episode to discuss the Abortion Access Without Apology legislation.

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