NARAL’s The Morning After is a production of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.


We’re back! After a summer hiatus, we’re thrilled to return to NARAL’s The Morning After, a weekly podcast to discuss sexual politics in Ohio and across the country.

This week, RandiJaime, and Gabe discuss Donald Trump and his hate-filled rant that followed a trip to Mexico. His anti-immigrant rage reached epic proportions last night. We’re reminded that his candidacy is endorsed by US Senator Rob Portman and Ohio Right to Life.

During our summer break, three major events occured:

  1. Toledo’s only remaining abortion clinic won a victory in court that will keep their doors open.
  2. Planned Parenthood won a victory in court to block John Kasich’s effort to strip them of critical state funds.
  3. new study in PLOS Medicine showed that Ohio abortion restrictions actually harmed women from 2011 to 2016.
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