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This week, Gabe and Kellie discuss the hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch, which concluded this week. Judge Gorsuch made comments respecting Roe during his questioning, but it’s his actual record that worries us. He voted to strip women of access to contraception coverage in the Hobby Lobby case, and women everywhere are taking note.
In fact, because of the threat to the contraception coverage guarantees, the women at Lady Parts Justice have released their newest video, I’m Just a Pill! Gabe spoke to Julie Rosing and Abby Holland from the LPJ team.

Join NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and our coalition partners at an event near you:
(* NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio sponsored events)
3/25/17 in Columbus

Empty your closets of unwanted items that are gently, barely or never used (clothes, dressy scarves, outerwear, shoes, costume jewelry, sunglasses and purses) and bring them to St Stephen’s Episcopal Church on March 24 between 4:30-8pm to get your “golden ticket” that allows you to take unlimited items at the swap the next day.

3/30/17 in Dayton
Hosted by NARAL Pro Choice Ohio & Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio : If you missed our awesome Roe Together bootcamp ( or you did attend but want more info and organizing training) then this is your chance to get updates on what’s happening at the Statehouse and how you can get your voice heard.
3/30/17 in Canton
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation will train volunteers in communications techniques that fill in the gaps of inadequate or incomplete media coverage; add balance to biased and one-sided reporting; pursue topics and points of view that are being ignored. We will also prepare Ohioans for the ramifications of the pending Supreme Court decision on abortion access, as well as the confirmation battle to fill the vacancy on the Court.
4/27/17 in Cleveland
The Preterm Access Fund provides financial assistance to our low-income and uninsured patients so they can afford compassionate, high-quality abortion care at Preterm. The money you raise will give our patients the freedom to make the best decisions for their lives and their families.
4/29/17 in Columbus
Every year, WHO/O supporters take it to the alleys — the bowling alleys — to raise money for abortion access in Ohio! Here’s how it works: get a few friends together to start a team or join a team and help us bowl over barriers to abortion access.
5/3/17 in Columbus
Freedom of Choice Ohio will hold our annual Advocacy Day on May 3, 2017. This year, Ohio women and men will gather at the Ohio Statehouse to demand an end to the anti-woman agenda pushed by Governor Kasich and the legislature. Kasich has passed multiple abortion bans, defunded Planned Parenthood, and is using his Department of Health to harass abortion providers. We’ll learn more about the multiple threats to reproductive health care and a forthcoming proactive legislative agenda. Armed with information and training, participants will engage their legislators to show that their constituents do not support abortion bans or attacks on funding.
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