Dear Friends,

I wish when the clock ticks down to midnight, we could really kiss 2017 goodbye; but the truth is anti-choice extremists in the Ohio legislature will come back in January to try to pass still more restrictions on abortion.

Don’t let that happen.

Resolve to make 2018 your year of pro-choice activism.
Resolve to call your state representative and state senator and tell them loud and clear: STOP THE BANS.
Resolve to talk to your friends, neighbors and family members about why abortion access matters.
Resolve to put your money where your heart is.
Resolve to invest in abortion rights in 2018 with a $20.18 contribution today. Better still? Become a 2018 champion with a sustaining membership of $20.18 a month.

Resolve. Resist. Rejuvenate. We need you in 2018.

For choice,

Kellie Copeland
Executive Director
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio

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