Cleveland, Ohio — NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, the state’s leading advocate for a woman’s right to choose, today announced their endorsements for the May 8, 2018 primary election. Additional endorsements for the November general election will be announced later this year.

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For Governor:

Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Kellie Copeland said, “Over the last seven years, 20 attacks on reproductive health care have been enacted, and half of the abortion clinics in Ohio have closed. As a result, some Ohioans have fled our state to access abortion, others have had to wait weeks for an appointment, and still others have been forced to continue pregnancies against their will — regardless of the dangers posed to their health and wellbeing. This has to stop. Ohioans need and deserve elected officials who will stand up and fight to protect access to abortion care in our communities without political interference, judgment, or delay.”

After careful consideration, which included a survey of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio members that showed overwhelming support for Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton, the board of directors of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio voted to endorse the Cordray/Sutton ticket for governor and lieutenant governor.

Copeland continued, “Never has so much been at stake in an Ohio gubernatorial election. Access to abortion in our state hangs in the balance. Cordray and Sutton have time and again stood up and fought for abortion rights and they trust women to make their own reproductive health care decisions. A Cordray/Sutton administration would veto further legislative attacks on reproductive health care and fight to restore professionalism to the Ohio Department of Health, the State Medical Board, and other agencies that have been corrupted by Kasich’s crusade against abortion access.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio acknowledges that gubernatorial candidates Sen. Joe Schiavoni and Dennis Kucinich have been formerly endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and NARAL Pro-Choice America respectively, and wishes to express our sincere gratitude for their ongoing support for abortion rights. Mike DeWine, Bill O’Neill, and Mary Taylor all oppose the right to choose and if elected would pose a serious threat to the reproductive health care of all Ohioans.

For Attorney General:

Copeland said, “We are thrilled to endorse Steve Dettelbach for attorney general. Our current attorney general, Mike DeWine, has misused this office to interfere with the reproductive health care decisions of individuals in Ohio and across the country. Anti-choice candidate David Yost would no doubt follow suit. With Dettelbach as our attorney general, Ohioans would once again have someone in that office who would stand up for them, not anti-choice zealots. Dettelbach will fight for our constitutionally protected right to choose.”

For Secretary of State:

Copeland said, “We are honored to endorse Kathleen Clyde for secretary of state. Our current secretary of state, Jon Husted, has undercut access to the ballot for thousands of Ohioans, especially women and people of color. Clyde has long been a vocal champion for reproductive rights. Under her leadership, the State of Ohio will make voting more accessible for all of our citizens. Her general election opponent, Frank LaRose, has exploited families with Down syndrome as part of his agenda to end abortion access in Ohio. His lack of integrity makes him unfit to be Ohio’s Secretary of State.”

For Treasurer:

Copeland said, “We are proud to endorse Rob Richardson for treasurer. Our current treasurer, Josh Mandel, was a vocal supporter of Todd Akin, who infamously said, ‘If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.’ With Richardson, Ohioans could rest assured that we would have a treasurer that was focused on improving our state’s fiscal health, not meddling in our reproductive health.”

For Ohio Legislative Seats:

Copeland said, “Last session, the Ohio House and Senate passed legislation that would have outlawed abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy. Twenty members of the current Ohio House have co-sponsored legislation that would subject women who access abortion care to the death penalty. Pro-choice Ohioans can count on our endorsed legislative candidates to stand up against these dangerous proposals. Our endorsed candidates are committed to policies that will improve access to quality affordable reproductive health care in our state.”

For the Ohio Senate

District 3: Katherine Chipps (write-in candidate)
District 11: Teresa Fedor
District 19: Louise Valentine
District 21: Sandra Williams
District 23: Nickie Antonio
District 25: Kenny Yuko

For the Ohio House

District 8: Kent Smith
District 10: Billy Sharp
District 11: Stephanie Howse
District 12: Juanita Brent
District 13: Mike Skindell
District 14: Steve Holecko and Rick Raley
District 15: Nick Celebrezze
District 16: Cassimir Svigelj
District 18: Kristin Boggs (write-in candidate)
District 19: Mary Lightbody
District 21: Mindy Yocum
District 22: David Leland
District 24: Mary Relotto and Allison Russo
District 26: Erica Crawley
District 28: Jessica Miranda
District 30: Clayton Adams
District 31: Brigid Kelly
District 34: Emilia Sykes
District 36: Tim Piatt
District 37: Casey Weinstein
District 40: Ryan Taylor
District 42: Zach Dickerson
District 45: Lisa Sobecki
District 58: Michele Lepore-Hagan
District 66: Brian Flick
District 68: Kathleen Tate
District 75: Randi Clites
District 89: Joe Helle
District 92: Beth Workman
District 94: Taylor Sappington

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio endorses 100% pro-choice candidates who have satisfactorily completed our rigorous questionnaire. NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is committed to protecting the full range of reproductive health options, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing safe, legal abortion. NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is the state affiliate of NARAL Pro-Choice America. Endorsements in federal races are made by NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, 12000 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44120
Kellie Copeland, Executive Director


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