The floor vote on Brett Kavanaugh was delayed a week. Let’s make the most of it. Here’s ten great ways to fight the patriarchy:

1. Register someone to vote. Registering someone to vote is like teaching someone to read. You’re opening a new world to them, one of civic participation and social engagement. Plus, they get a sticker in November.

To register online they will need to provide the following: Ohio driver’s license or Ohio identification card number, name, date of birth, address, and last four digits of their Social Security number. The deadline to register is October 9, 2018. To register, they have to be 18 years of age or older by the November 6, 2018 Election Day. People with felony convictions in Ohio may register and vote if they are not currently in jail or prison.

2. Confirm your voter registration and polling place. Are you registered to vote? At your current address? Are you sure?

People who get married or divorced and changed their name need to update their registration. People who have moved since the last time they voted need to update as well (looking at you, college students.) EVERYONE needs to confirm the location of their polling place. Visit the Secretary of State’s website to look yourself up and make sure your voter registration is correct. Do it before the voter registration deadline of October 9 to be sure mistakes get corrected in time.

3. Knock on doors. October is a beautiful month in Ohio. The leaves on the trees change color. The air is crisp. You’re probably going to a football game or pumpkin patch or going apple picking. Why not add a little door knocking to your autumnal bliss?

Knocking on a voter’s door is the most effective way to win an election. We want to have a real conversation with voters about why they should vote for the Cordray/Sutton ticket on November 6. We give every volunteer a script so you’ll know exactly what to say. Every volunteer goes into a neighborhood with a partner, so you’re never alone. And we only knock on doors of voters who we believe are pro-choice. That way we have better conversations with just the people we want to be talking to and they enjoy talking to us as well.

4. Make phone calls. Are you a talker, but not a walker? We’ve got just the activity for you. With a script in hand, you’ll be powering your way through a call list of likely pro-choice voters who just need a little push to get them to the polls.

5. Write letters to the editor. You don’t have to be a Hamilton, you just can’t be a Burr.

There’s a whole discussion happening on the printed pages and online forums of your hometown newspaper. Make your argument in under 200 words and send it in for publication. Letters to the editor move the discussion on reproductive rights in a progressive direction. Need a prompt? Let us know and we’ll send a draft.

6. Donate. Please.

7. Contact your senators. Have we heard from both U.S. Senators from Ohio on how they’ll vote on Kavanaugh? Yes. Should you still contact them? Yes.

Thank Sen. Sherrod Brown. Sen. Brown has been our greatest supporter in the U.S. Senate for the past 12 years. During this entire Supreme Court process, he’s expressed his concern, listened to both Brett Kavanaugh and Ohioans who oppose the nomination, and he agrees with his constituents. Sen. Brown is a solid No vote against Kavanaugh. That’s very important, and he deserves our gratitude. Say “Thanks!” here.

Sen. Rob Portman has made it clear he supports Brett Kavanaugh no matter what Kavanaugh did to his victims. Portman is ok with the fact that Brett Kavanaugh was a bad choice for the high court even before the allegations of sexual assault were made public. Kavanaugh is bad for women, for working people, and for the environment. Let Rob Portman know you still oppose this nominee.

8. ‘Gram it. We want to see you in action, so tag us on Instagram @ProChoiceOH

9. Socialize with us. There are terrific events happening in your area, you just need to come out and join us!

The easiest way to find out what’s going on is to check the Events tab on our Facebook page. We post all of our activities there, along with legislative events in the Statehouse. We also share events from partner organizations to lift up the progressive community in Ohio.

10. Tweet or Share this list! Spread the word about all of these ways to get involved. We can’t win alone, but we’ll get by with a little help from our friends.

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