Today, Republicans in the US Senate showed just how little they care about our lives by rushing through a vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the US Supreme Court. This vote today sent a clear message back to the states. We can no longer count on the US Supreme Court to protect our access to abortion care, our right to marry, our access to clean air and water, and so much more.

That is why we must elect Richard Cordray as Ohio’s next governor.

I know that many of you have been working day and night to advocate against this nomination. Making calls, attending protests, and even getting arrested standing up against Kavanaugh in senate office buildings. While we didn’t win this vote, we showed the enormous power of all of us coming together, having our voices heard.

Now we must take this moment and turn it into a watershed for change. We must do everything we can to continue to make our voices heard, this time in the ballot box. We must do everything in our power to elect Richard Cordray and all of our other endorsed candidates. We must have leaders in our state who will protect abortion access.

This is why today while we grieve this immense loss, we must put our anger into action. We have phone banks and canvasses scheduled across the state. Please join us at one of these actions and help us make sure we get out every vote we can for pro-choice candidates across our state.

Sign up today for one of our upcoming events.

Akron phone banking

Thursday, October 11

Columbus phone banking

Monday, October 8

Monday, October 15

Monday, October 22

Monday, October 29

Dayton door knocking

Saturday, October 13

Thursday, October 18

Saturday, October 27

Toledo door knocking

Sunday, October 14

Saturday, October 20

Today we may have lost this vote, but our movement is stronger today than we were when we started this fight, and we can turn this loss into victory on election day. But we need your help to make that happen. Sign up for a volunteer activity near you and help us make sure abortion access continues to be a reality in our state.


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