TL;DR — Email your representative in the Ohio House to stop the latest threat to abortion access in Ohio

Ok, here’s the story…

In 2016, the Ohio House and Senate finally passed a long-debated six-week abortion ban known as the “Heartbeat Bill.” Having then been kicked around for five years, any movement on the bill received national headlines. One month after Donald Trump won the presidential election, John Kasich was already considering his own image in the national media in case he wanted to challenge Trump in a future presidential primary.

What would help that image? Beating back a well-know, extreme abortion ban.

Kasich swiftly vetoed the “Heartbeat Bill” and was in the headlines immediately. What the major articles failed to highlight was what he also did that week: sign a different abortion ban, an incredibly cruel and unconstitutional ban on abortions after 20 weeks. He had used one flashy abortion ban veto as a diversion to both look moderate and still hand anti-abortion organizations a victory.

All of these considerations were political. None of the factors that influenced his actions were based in the best medical outcomes for women.

Fast forward to 2018…

The Trump administration has continued to be the same train wreck it started out as. Kasich’s presidential ambitions haven’t changed. His bait-and-switch veto stunt worked in 2016, so he might as well do it again. 

Last week an Ohio Senate committee delayed a vote on the “Heartbeat Bill.” The delay means that the legislature won’t have time to override a veto (unless they come back Christmas week, which no one wants to do).

The real threat is in the Ohio House. A dangerous bill to ban a common method for second-trimester surgical abortions will get a committee vote on Tuesday, December 11. Named the Abortion Method Ban, the bill would eliminate physicians’ preferred treatment option for their patients.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland said:

For anyone who thinks this new abortion ban is somehow less extreme than the so-called ‘Heartbeat Bill,’ the truth is it is not. Both bills will result in doctors leaving Ohio rather than being forced to choose between practicing medicine according to the standard of care, or facing criminal penalties. Both bills will result in doctor shortages at a time when our state is in the midst of a devastating maternal and infant mortality crisis. Either bill would be devastating to women seeking care and must be stopped.

What John Kasich is counting on is for people to not pay attention. He has become the worst governor in the nation with regards to abortion rights and clinic access. With 20 different abortion bans and restrictions to reproductive health care funding signed into law, plus a full career of anti-choice votes in Congress, his record of attacking women’s health care is unmatched.

We need to take action now. Email your member of the Ohio House and demand they stop Senate Bill 145. We want to keep BOTH bills off of Kasich’s desk.

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