Once again, anti-choice legislators have laid out an agenda of cutting access to abortion, putting the most vulnerable Ohioans at risk. Both of the abortion ban bills before the Ohio House and Senate would effectively outlaw abortion and criminalize physicians. Over twenty-thousand people choose to have an abortion in Ohio each year, and seven in ten Americans support legal access to abortion care. Banning women from getting a medical procedure is dangerous, out of touch with Ohio values, and is completely unacceptable.

Send your message to Gov. Kasich with Twitter Testimony! It is critical to make sure our elected officials know why we oppose this anti-choice legislation.

TWEET a video of yourself speaking about why abortion bans are wrong for Ohioans. Tag @JohnKasich in your tweet and use the hashtag #StopTheBans.

Here are some tips to effectively do so:

  • Keep videos to 2 minutes or less
  • Clearly state your case & use your own words.
  • If possible, include a personal story or experience. How has previous legislation affected you or your family? How could this proposed legislation affect you or your family?
  • Do not share any information that you would not be comfortable being publicly tied to you – the Internet is forever!
  • Remember that the general public can respond to the video, however you are not obligated to engage with anyone.

Here are some examples of sample tweets to add to your personal video:

  • It is time for our representatives to actually represent us. Ohio will not go back!
  • Everyone loves someone who has had an abortion. I am pro-choice, I oppose anti-abortion legislation & here is my story.
  • 7 in 10 Americans support access to safe & legal abortion care. I am one of them. I urge you ______ to vote NO on any legislation that would affect abortion access in Ohio.
  • Banning abortion will not stop abortion from happening; it will only stop safe abortion, ultimately hurting women & families. Vote NO & #StopTheBans

No matter what the details of the abortion ban legislation are, they are just another step in a clear strategy to ban abortion entirely and advance an unpopular agenda. 7 in 10 Americans support legal access to abortion. The groups and many of the politicians behind these bans have made no secret of the fact that their core objective is to ban all abortion. But if they truly were concerned about reducing the need for abortion, they would stop opposing greater access to contraceptives, fight for accurate sex education, and work for common sense measures that support working families. These bans are not about protecting women’s health and well being. They are about advancing a political and ideological agenda.

With the new makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court, banning abortion is no longer a hypothetical talking point. H.B. 258 if passed could result in the overturning or gutting of Roe v. Wade, impacting abortion access not only in Ohio but across the nation. Proponents of banning abortion have to now face the reality that these bills are no longer just political talking points and wins to check off of a list. If H.B. 258 goes into effect, and the new Supreme Court upholds the bill, women across the Ohio will face life-altering consequences. Banning abortion and limiting access doesn’t reduce the need for abortion, it just forces women into extreme situations that could risk their health and lives, and criminalizes medical providers.

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