That’s it — Winter break is over. The Ohio House returned today, and we’ve already been handed a co-sponsor request from Rep. Candice Keller and Rep. Ron Hood. They’re bringing back the six-week abortion ban immediately.

Wait, wasn’t the six-week abortion ban just blocked? Yes. The Ohio Senate failed to get the 3/5ths majority needed to override Gov. John Kasich’s veto of the bill, so it did not become law. That was eleven days and one legislative session ago. These politicians are bringing it back for the new session, because they have the votes needed to pass it and they believe that Governor-elect Mike DeWine will sign it. They aren’t stopping in their quest to completely block abortion access in Ohio, and we can’t stop, either.

We’re going to have to move fast to combat this bill once it is introduced. Your donation pays for advertising and volunteer recruitment efforts to bring pro-choice voices to the Ohio Statehouse. Please contribute now.

Who is Rep. Ron Hood? This Republican from Ashville, Ohio, was a main sponsor of the six-week abortion ban last year. That wasn’t his only extreme proposal, however. He also sponsored the total abortion ban, which would have applied the death penalty to women receiving abortion care and the doctors who treated them.

Who is Rep. Candice Keller? She is a sophomore Republican from Middletown. Being a state legislator is only a part-time job for Rep. Keller. She also runs a crisis pregnancy center (CPC), one of the many fake women’s health centers across the state that spread lies to women seeking information about options during a pregnancy.

Don’t let these extremist politicians dictate your rights.

In solidarity,

Jaime Miracle
Deputy Director
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio
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