Columbus — Today, Ohio Right to Life and Ohio Senate Republicans announced their 2019-2020 legislative agenda, which includes support for the six week abortion ban, and other measures that shame women and prevent them from getting the medically accurate information and the abortion care they need in their communities.

In response, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland said: “Instead of introducing an agenda that would guarantee equal pay, paid family leave, quality affordable health care, and child care, Ohio Senate leaders are poised to enact laws that would virtually outlaw abortion in our state—criminalizing abortion before most women even know they are pregnant. Once a woman has made the decision to end her pregnancy, she needs access to safe, legal abortion care in her community. Republican leadership in the Ohio Senate have shown their contempt for people who make the decision to end a pregnancy with policies that shame them for their decision and force them to be told medically inaccurate information and undergo unnecessary procedures.

“The agenda of Ohio Senate Republican leadership is alarming because Governor Mike DeWine has pledged to sign the six week abortion ban and President Donald Trump has stacked the U.S. Supreme Court with an anti-abortion majority. Ohioans could lose access to safe, legal abortion care. Doctors will flee Ohio, deepening our OB/Gyn shortage. Young people will leave the state too, which will be detrimental to our state’s economy. The wealthy will be able to travel to access the care they need, while low-income people will be forced to carry pregnancies against their will or be shut out from the abortion care they need and deserve. This is morally wrong and the wrong direction for our state’s future.”

It is expected that none of these bills will have any exceptions for rape or incest. In previous years, Ohio Right to Life reaffirmed their position against supporting victims. According to their July 2017 statement, no elected official can earn the ORTL endorsement if they support rape or incest exceptions. This position is far outside the views of a majority of Americans, including 76% of Republican voters.


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