In her sponsor testimony, Sen. Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) used a specific word repeatedly in her quest to end reproductive choice for all Ohioans.

Sen. Roegner was giving sponsor testimony in support of her six-week abortion ban. The Ohio Senate Committee on Health, Human Services, & Medicaid listened to her reasons why she wants to effectively block all abortion access in Ohio. She made every argument she could think of, but none of the excuses she can come up with justify ending a woman’s right to choose.

Once a woman has made the decision to end her pregnancy, she must be able to access safe, legal abortion care in her local community. The Ohio Legislature should stop inserting themselves into the personal medical decisions of Ohioans—their interference is not needed or wanted. Ohio politicians should stop criminalizing abortion care, and get busy passing paid maternity leave, and expanding access to quality affordable health care.

Contact your Ohio state senator and demand they put a stop to the attacks on abortion rights.

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