Columbus — As Gov. Mike DeWine gives his first State of the State address, Ohioans are demanding that he not destroy reproductive health care by effectively banning abortion access. A pair of six-week abortion bans — HB 68 and SB 23 — are working their way through their respective chambers.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland said: “This is the fifth general assembly that has considered passing a six-week abortion ban. Over the last eight years, thousands of people have spoken out against this legislation. Some discussed the reasons why this bill is unconstitutional, others spoke about the ways in which this legislation poses serious dangers to women’s health. Others have talked about how this legislation would impact the victims of rape or incest as they are compelled by their government to give birth to their rapist’s child. Mike DeWine and the Republican leadership need to listen to these Ohioans.

“If Mike DeWine enacts this ban, and the U.S. Supreme Court upholds it, that will mark a seismic shift in American history. Abortion will be effectively outlawed in Ohio, and likely in many of our neighboring states. Abortion may remain legal in some states, but they may not be able to handle the influx of patients to their states.”

“When a woman has decided to have an abortion, she should be able to access that care safely, affordably, in her community, with support and respect, not shame or pressure. Doctors should be able to provide the medical care that is best for each woman’s circumstance, determined by research and medical practice.”

On the recent appointment of Dr. Amy Action to lead the Ohio Department of Health, she said: “Throughout the last eight years, the Ohio Department of Health has been weaponized to penalize and shut down providers of safe and legal abortion. These outcomes have been disgraceful and dangerous. Health care decisions must be made by patients and their health care professionals. The politicization of the health department must not be repeated. Period.”


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