Dayton — Dayton City Commission voted to approve a resolution supporting a transfer agreement for the city’s last abortion provider, Women’s Med Center. Premier Health and Kettering Medical Center are named in the resolution as hospitals that can sign a transfer agreement. The clinic is in imminent danger of being forced to close unless a local, private hospital agrees to sign a transfer agreement. This agreement does not cost anything, nor does it legally obligate the hospital to provide any services not already required by federal law.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Deputy Director Jaime Miracle said: “Abortion access is a key component of comprehensive health care access for women in the Greater Dayton area. Eliminating abortion access would be a setback for the city and state’s programs to reduce infant and maternal mortality both locally and across the state.”

Women’s Med Center of Dayton provided care to over 2,300 patients last year, patients that would be forced to travel out of our metropolitan area to obtain safe, legal abortion care if this clinic were forced to close.

Premier Health or Kettering Medical Center can stop this impending health crisis by signing a transfer agreement with Women’s Med Center of Dayton and preserve access to safe, legal abortion care in our community

Miracle continued: “We will not accept barriers placed on abortion access by politicians or judges. We refuse to be intimidated by shame and stigma. No one should be forced to carry a pregnancy against their will. None of us will have reproductive freedom until all of us do.”

The required transfer agreement is medically-unnecessary all hospitals are required by law to treat any patient having a complication at any outpatient health care facility. These transfer agreements are just a bureaucratic scheme to close clinics.

The transfer agreement costs the hospital nothing, and will not have any impact on how the hospital functions. It will simply allow the clinic to comply with these medically unnecessary state regulations.


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