Columbus — It’s June 30, and the Ohio state operating budget isn’t finished.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Deputy Director: “Ohio Republican leadership has been wasting time passing harmful abortion bans and working to promote bills full of lies and junk science. The Ohio House and Senate spent a combined eleven days on public facing work on the six-week abortion ban, Senate Bill 23, alone. Legislators have taken time to promote bills that require counseling on non-existent medical procedures, and they’ve spent time listening to lobbyists for fake women’s health centers that lie to people seeking health care information. What they haven’t taken time to do is meet constitutionally-required deadlines for three out of the four budgets this year. Why do they have time to attack healthcare access, but not time to do the real work of running our state?”

On the budget’s proposed $5,000,000 allocation for fake women’s health centers, Miracle added: “The provision currently in the budget proposal that would fund fake women’s health centers must be removed before final passage. A person’s decision about their own health care should be made between that individual and their doctor. The state should not be funding predatory organizations that draw people in through misleading advertisements, trick them by buying locations right next door to actual abortion clinics, and cause them to miss appointments that may take weeks to reschedule. These sinister tactics are all designed to prevent timely abortion access. This is not health care. This ‘Parenting and Pregnancy Program’ is not what Ohioans want to spend their tax dollars on, when our state is facing an infant and maternal mortality crisis.”


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