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This week, Kelley, Jaime, and Gabe put a wrap on the 2019 Ohio state operating budget. We were disgusted to see that Gov. DeWine did not use a line item veto to remove the $7,500,000 allocation for fake women’s health centers.

Ohio House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes addressed the funds:

In separate crisis pregnancy center news, Rep. Jena Powell and Rep. Tim Ginter are proposing a 50% refundable tax credit for donations to fake women’s health centers.

Butler County Democrats objected to Rep. Candice Keller supporting the #KellerKickback bill, and she has since announced she will abstain because of her conflict of interest.

In other news, Kelley has been leading a great campaign to call on Premier Health to sign a transfer agreement with Women’s Med Center. Send an email to Premier Health to join to campaign!

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