Sponsored by Sen. Terry Johnson, Senate Bill 208 is yet another example of just how obsessed the Ohio Legislature is with using false claims and misinformation to stigmatize and attack abortion access. From 7.5 million dollars in the budget for fake women’s health centers, to Representative Becker’s bill claiming you can move an ectopic pregnancy into the uterus, to Senator Lehner’s bill encouraging experimentation on pregnant women through the unproven claims a medication abortion can be “reversed” and now this bill, the Ohio Legislature shows again and again how much they disregard science and fact to push a political agenda.

Instead of respecting a woman’s decision and acknowledging the complexities of medical decisions, anti-abortion politicians resort to inflammatory, shaming rhetoric and use bills like these to distract from their true agenda – to push abortion care out of reach and punish women and their doctors. Enough.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio strongly urges a NO vote on S.B. 208.

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