In 2016, Renee Bracey Sherman called on moderators for presidential debates to #AskAboutAbortion.

Renee was right then, and she’s right in 2019 as she and a growing movement of feminists are demanding to have candidates for federal, state, and local office be openly and directly asked about their stance on funding for reproductive health care; ending the Hyde amendment; eliminating racist, sexist, homophobic, & anti-trans systems that cause economic, psychological, and physical harm to many of us and our friends and neighbors; oh, and did we mention… abortion. 

As the nation turns its eyes to Westerville, Ohio, on Tuesday for the next Democratic Debate, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is one of many pro-choice organizations whose supporters are contacting CNN and The New York Times debate moderators to ask them to #AskAboutAbortion.

You — yes, you — can join this campaign by sharing one of the graphics on social media we’ve included below. Don’t like them? Write your own! Tell CNN anchors Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper and the national editor of The New York Times, Marc Lacey what you want them to ask.

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