Columbus — Following the denial from the Ohio Supreme Court to hear an appeal by Women’s Med Center of Dayton, the clinic has requested a new temporary restraining order from federal court. Unless this temporary restraining order is granted, the only clinic in the greater Dayton area will be forced to close. Today’s request for a temporary restraining order is based upon the US Supreme Court ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. Women’s Med Center of Dayton is arguing that the actions by the Ohio Department of Health to force the clinic to close are unconstitutional restrictions on abortion access under the US Constitution.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Deputy Director Jaime Miracle said: “In the court’s ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the justices were clear that restrictions like the ones attempting to close the Dayton clinic are unconstitutional, undue burdens on patients seeking abortion. We hope that the federal court will act swiftly in granting this temporary restraining order to keep the clinic open.”

Miracle continues: “Ohioans in the Miami Valley should not be forced to watch each move of the courts to know if the abortion clinic they trust will be able to stay open. All of these court battles would be unnecessary if one Dayton hospital would step up to support people who need abortion access. Premier Health has failed in their responsibility to sign a transfer agreement that would allow Dayton’s only abortion provider to remain open—especially when you consider that the agreement would not require the hospital to do anything that federal law does not already require. If hospitals in Ohio do not want to be burdened with this medically-unnecessary demand, they should lobby the state legislature to rescind this abysmal law. Premier Health should take action to sign a transfer agreement with the clinic immediately so that abortion care in the Miami Valley will no longer be in jeopardy.”

Women’s Med Center is one of nine total abortion clinics in Ohio, and one of the six clinics that offer surgical abortion care. Find the full list here.


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