We have a graphic we love. It announces “This clinic stays open!” We use it after winning a campaign to defend a clinic from political attacks. We’ve used it recently in Dayton and Toledo, but it’s a sign of hope for pro-choice people all across Ohio.

The first sign of victory is usually very small — a clinic administrator opens an envelope with a new license — but it comes after months and years of serious, hard work. That work is funded by people like you, and abortion patients across Ohio and several neighboring states are very grateful.

Continue your work to protect abortion clinics with a donation to NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio today.

Dayton ad
Our Dayton Daily News ad announcing victory in 2019.

The next signs of victory after a winning campaign are harder to spot, but they are definitely huge for the people who experience them. Your successes in protecting abortion clinics mean that someone in Middletown can find abortion appointments in Cincinnati or Dayton that fit their schedule. Your success means that someone in Perrysburg only needs to drive into Toledo for an abortion, instead of taking a full day to go to Detroit. Your success means that patients in Cleveland and Columbus aren’t competing for appointments with patients from other areas.

The next step towards your next success is a contribution to NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.

Making abortion clinics accessible in more parts of Ohio means that patients can reduce their travel expenses, which is a significant barrier for low-income people already struggling to pay for care. Your donation reduces their expenses and removes one more barrier to abortion access.

More abortion clinics in Ohio means that there are enough providers to fill the need of our state, which ensures appointments are available in a timely manner. Delays in abortion care increase costs and could move someone from a first-trimester medication abortion to a second-trimester surgical abortion. You’re combatting those delays with your donation.

Protecting abortion clinics is a key way you can show anti-abortion politicians that You. Are. Not. Giving. In. By fighting to protect safe and legal abortion in communities across our state, your donation sends a message straight to the governor’s office. Mike DeWine needs to see how much we all care about the full range of reproductive health care.

Patients are relying on your support in Akron and Portsmouth, from Marietta to Bowling Green. Don’t let them down.

Thank you for continuing your work with a donation today.

For choice, forever,


Kellie Copeland
Executive Director
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio

P.S. — NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization. These gifts are not tax-deductible because we use them for political work and lobbying. To make a fully tax-deductible donation to our Foundation, click here. Or power up your donation — to donate to our political action committee, click here. Thank you for all of your support.

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