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With all of the anti-science bills in the Ohio Statehouse, we thought Jaime, Gabe, and Kelley should review.

This week, Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Jessie Balmert obtained emails from Equity Forward revealing the origin of the false idea legislators have about transplanting an ectopic pregnancy:

“Clermont County Rep. John Becker, R-Union Township, didn’t consult doctors about the medical procedure. Instead, he received regular input from Barry Sheets, a lobbyist for the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, according to emails obtained through an Enquirer public records request. …

“Sheets offered line-item changes to Becker’s House Bill 182, which would ban most private insurance coverage of abortions in Ohio. And the lobbyist helped Becker defend one of the bill’s more controversial ideas: permitting health insurance to cover reinserting a fertilized egg that attaches outside the uterus – called an ectopic or tubal pregnancy – into the uterus.”

We all know this idea they’re proposing — now in two separate House bills — is science fiction.

Read more in the Cincinnati Enquirer


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