Kristina was a 27-year-old mother of two when she made the choice to end her third pregnancy. Her abortion was a parenting decision based on both the financial needs of her family and her own emotional needs.

“It’s important for me to tell my story because I didn’t know that you can be vulnerable and still be strong at the same time. And it’s okay.”

Opponents of safe, legal abortion have weaponized a narrative of shame and stigma as their means to justify control over our bodies. Despite our constitutional right to access abortion, these stigmatizing narratives have made it easier for anti-choice extremists to chip away at our access to reproductive health care in Ohio over the last decade.

No more. It’s time to reclaim the narratives around abortion.

By sharing the experiences of real Ohioans who do not regret their decision to have an abortion, Patients to Advocates and ProgressOhio aim to tell a bigger story about empathy, bodily autonomy, economic justice, and gender equity.

We’re dismantling the harmful and untrue narrative that abortion is a sad, scary, or emotionally traumatizing experience by elevating positive, destigmatizing perspectives,

When we reclaim our stories, we take back our power. Listen to these four stories from real Ohioans.

This storytelling project was produced in partnership between ProgressOhio Education, Patients to Advocates, and the Ohio-based production company Putting Women In Their Place. ProgressOhio’s goal is to use our platform to be a bridge for women and other people in Ohio who want to share their stories about abortion in a safe, affirming way. Thank you to advocates Alyssa, Kristina, Greta, Laura, and our partners. Without you, this project would not be possible.

Patients to Advocates is a year-long leadership development program that prepares persons who have had abortions for civic engagement around reproductive health, rights, and justice. It is a product of collaboration amongst NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation, New Voices for Reproductive Justice, Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and Preterm.

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