From the staff at Preterm:

“One of the most important things that abortion storytelling reveals to us is that everyone has different feelings about their abortions, and those may change over time. Our storyteller as well as our guest, Ashley from NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, remind us that it is okay to feel everything you feel about your abortion in this episode of My Abortion, My Life: The Podcast.”

Having an abortion can mean the chance to graduate, to leave an abusive relationship, to raise your children with dignity. It can be a sad option in a series of disappointing events, an unwanted end to a wanted pregnancy, and an outcome fraught with emotion. In the stories on this podcast, you will hear sadness and confusion as well as resilience and determination. Just as every person’s life is unique and nuanced—so is every abortion story.

The staff at Preterm created this podcast to give you the chance to hear from the people at the center of the abortion debate—those whose voices are often silenced by shame and stigma: the people who’ve had abortions and the people who love and support them. If you’re ready to help change the conversation, then My Abortion, My Life: The Podcast can help you get started.

Each episode, they feature abortion stories submitted directly to their website. Episodes will feature guests who will read and reflect on the stories. They’ll give voice to often anonymous authors, and they’ll share how reading someone’s abortion story impacts them personally.

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