We received some questions after announcing our 2020 candidate endorsements, so we put together a quick FAQ:

How do I vote early? Glad you asked! All registered voters may request and vote an absentee ballot in person at their county board of elections or early voting center as designated by the county. Most Ohio counties provide early voting at their board of elections office. Lucas County, Miami County, and Summit County have separate facilities for early voting. Find more info at MyOhioVote.com.

Can I still register to vote? Yes, but not for the March 17 primary election. There is still time, however, to register to vote for the November 3 general election. Find more info at MyOhioVote.com.

What district am I in? Look up your district here. We know there are a lot of candidates endorsed. We’ll be working to notify voters in key districts about endorsed candidates when we get closer to the election. This week we wanted to make sure the full list was seen by the widest audience possible.

Can I share my candidate on social media? Yes! All of our endorsed candidates are included in an album on our Facebook page. Please share your candidate with your followers to make sure everyone knows who to vote for on March 17.

How does NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio decide on candidate endorsements? Our endorsement process is a lengthy review of a candidate, including a pre-screening interview, questionnaire, and board vote.

Why isn’t ___ on this list?!?! If you see a candidate on our list, you know they share our values with respect to abortion access and reproductive freedom. However, there are several reasons why a candidate may not have an endorsement from us at this time. Some candidates, especially incumbents or candidates without primary challengers, may not have elected to take the steps necessary to be considered for our first round of endorsements. Other candidates may not align with our views on abortion rights. We also have a policy to always endorse an incumbent in a contested primary if they had been endorsed in previous election cycles. Our endorsed candidates have our back, and we will have theirs. Because we respect the confidentiality of all candidates who participate in our endorsement process, we won’t discuss individual candidate’s responses. If you don’t see your candidate listed, we encourage you to ask them directly about their views on abortion.

Will you announce more endorsements in 2020? Yes, after the primary election concludes. Later this year, we will be updating our endorsement list to promote primary election winners and also announce a second round of endorsements for the November 3 general election. If you didn’t see a candidate included in the primary endorsements, look for them to be added for the general election.

Who does NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio recommend I vote for for Congress and president? Our organization, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, makes endorsements for state offices, such as governor or state senator. Our national partner, NARAL Pro-Choice America, makes endorsements for federal offices, such as president or members of Congress. Those endorsements will be released at a later date and listed on our website.

Happy voting!

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