Waking up today, we are looking at an election like none we have seen in our lifetime. Ohio’s primary was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and highlighted many problems that will need to be addressed before the November election.

This pandemic crisis has shown all of us that anti-abortion elected officials will use anything and everything they can to attack abortion access. NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is committed to electing candidates that will protect abortion access. We will never quit. Our reproductive rights are nonnegotiable.

Can you donate $25 today to ensure that pro-choice Ohio voters get all the facts?

Your financial support will boost ongoing voter outreach. Voters must know which candidates they can trust to protect reproductive freedom and what is at stake in our state and across the country.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio endorsed pro-choice candidates in districts across the state for this primary election. Win or lose they stood up for reproductive freedom. We congratulate each and every one of them for a race well run. To every candidate we endorsed in this primary, we say:

Thank you for standing with us in this election. We know we can count on you for continued support.

Here is a run-down of winning candidates that we endorsed:

For the Ohio Senate

District 2 — too close to call
District 4 Kathy Wyenandt
District 6 Mark Fogel
District 8 Dan Brown
District 12 Ken Poling
District 16 Crystal Lett
District 18 Betsy Rader
District 24 Tom Jackson
District 28 Sen. Vernon Sykes
District 30 Michael Fletcher

For the Ohio House of Representatives

District 1 Alison Theiss
District 3 Laurel Johnson
District 6 Rep. Phillip Robinson
District 8 Rep. Kent Smith
District 9 Rep. Janine Boyd
District 12 Rep. Juanita Brent
District 13 Rep. Michael Skindell
District 14 Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney
District 16 Monique Smith
District 17 Rep. Adam Miller
District 18 Rep. Kristin Boggs
District 19 Rep. Mary Lightbody
District 22 Rep. David Leland
District 24 Rep. Allison Russo
District 26 Rep. Erica Crawley
District 31 Rep. Brigid Kelly
District 32 Rep. Catherine Ingram
District 35 Rep. Tavia Galonski
District 37 Rep. Casey Weinstein
District 38 Joe Campbell
District 39 Willis Blackshear, Jr.
District 41 Cate Berger
District 45 Rep. Lisa Sobecki
District 54 Morgan Showen
District 55 Zach Stepp
District 57 Dara Adkison
District 58 Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan
District 59 Chris Stanley
District 61 Adam Dudziak
District 65 Alan Darnowsky
District 67 Rachael Morocco
District 69 Donna Beheydt
District 70 Kevin Barnet
District 73 Kim McCarthy
District 75 Rep. Randi Clites
District 76 Garrett Westhoven
District 79 Cynthia Richards
District 84 Joe Monbeck
District 86 Tiffanie Roberts
District 91 Scott Dailey
District 94 Katie O’Neill
District 99 Richard Dana

Here is some additional information to consider as we move toward November:

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio endorses 100% pro-choice candidates who have satisfactorily completed our rigorous screening process. NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is committed to protecting the full range of reproductive health options, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing safe, legal abortion.
  • All endorsements are listed on our website at https://prochoiceohio.org/2020-endorsements/.
  • Follow us on Instagram get the latest info to share with your friends.
  • Additional endorsements from our office will be announced later this year. If you don’t see an expected name in our list below, that candidate may not have had a challenger and applied for a primary endorsement.
  • We don’t know what changes to Ohio election law will be put in place for the general election, but our staff are working closely with legal experts to make sure you have the latest, most accurate information needed to cast your vote.

Join with us. Refuse to sit this one out. With you, and activists across the state, we will elect new pro-choice champions up and down the ballot. With your financial support, together we will educate voters and ensure lawmakers understand that the pro-choice majority is steadfast in its efforts and will not back down.

Please donate today. It makes all the difference.

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