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On this weeks episode, we’re listening in to a hearing of the Ohio Senate Health Committee. They held a 10 hour meeting on Wednesday (don’t worry, our show is only 29 minutes!) that was mostly testimony on SCR 14, which would declare racism to be a public health crisis in Ohio.

Our excerpted audio from the hearing includes resolution sponsors Sen. Sandra Williams and Sen. Hearcel Craig. They receive questions from Sen. Nickie Antonio, Sen. Tina Maharath, and Sen. Cecile Thomas. We also have audio from Franklin County Commissioner Kevin Boyce, Columbus City Councilwoman Priscilla Tyson, and former state senator Charleta Tavares.

This hearing was not without additional controversy. Mid-way through the hearing, Sen. Steve Huffman referred to “the colored population” and questioned whether they get COVID-19 more often because they do not wash their hands as much. After this racist question was spread on social media, Sen. Huffman was fired from his day job — a physician at a Dayton-area hospital.

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