Parenting During a Pandemic: Housing

Parents are struggling with a lot of things during Covid-19, including housing. NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is speaking with Rep. Brent about HB744 for Covid-19 eviction relief and to declare an emergency.

Posted by NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio on Monday, August 31, 2020

From our Office Assistant Greta Cawley:

Can you believe it’s already September? The summer seems to have flown by especially fast this year, and despite being home bound for much of it, it’s been a whirlwind of new things to consider and manage. As the mother of a four-year-old, expecting my second in January, this pandemic has thrown me a curve ball in how I parent. That’s why I couldn’t be happier to be joining our field manager, Kelley, in hosting the Parenting During a Pandemic webinar series. What started as a summer long program is likely to continue, as the pandemic doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and certainly as we all know when you have children, neither is parenting.

For my family, being together at home with the closure of preschool has been both a joy and a roll with its kind of confusion. How much screen-time is too much screen-time? What does working from home really look like? When you have a little person who needs a sandwich, is it ok to put your zoom call video on pause? These are just some of the questions we’ve encountered, but of course there are so many more. That’s why the Parenting During a Pandemic series has been so engaging and thought provoking for me. It digs a little bit deeper into the greater issues that frame our experiences – childcare availability, paid parental leave, and most recently housing.

It was an honor to recently co-host Representative Juanita Brent online to talk about the different ways housing access crosses paths with reproductive rights, and talk about what’s been new in the legislature for relief for Ohioans facing housing insecurity. Not only is she proposing and innovative and impactful bill – House Bill 744 — but our conversation led to an interesting take on the way that our state representation is fundamentally in service to us constituents. Listen below to hear her talk about the different ways that she is going to bat for us and the values she upholds about what it means to be in office. I think you’ll find, just like me, that we’re lucky here in Ohio to have her working in the Statehouse.

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