From our Communications Manager Gabriel Mann:

I took this photo nine years ago outside Senator Sherrod Brown’s office. His staffer is kneeling in the center, surrounded by four bus loads of people from Ohio. The trip was part of a much larger national push to stop a horrific proposal to shutdown the US government over reproductive health care funding, AKA The Pence Amendment.

Mike Pence is very bad for America. As a member of Congress, he put his name on an amendment to take all federal funds away from Planned Parenthood health centers that would have had a devastating effect on women’s access to health care across the country.

The 2011 Pence Amendment would have put the health of millions of low and middle-income women at risk by eliminating their primary source of preventive health care and family planning services. Not only would this amendment have eliminated the provision of cancer screenings and other vital health services for women, but it represented a direct attack by members of Congress on women’s right to control their own reproductive health.

Thanks to pro-choice champions like Sen. Sherrod Brown and President Obama, the Pence Amendment was defeated.

Attacks by Mike Pence continued, however, as he took his agenda from Congress to the Indiana governor’s office. Indiana women have suffered greatly because of restrictions on abortion providers.

As vice president, Mike Pence has worked with Sen. Mitch McConnell to destroy American’s federal court system. Together, they’ve appointed  and confirmed 53 judges to the US courts of appeals and 161 federal district judges. These Pence-picked judges were all selected because of their anti-abortion views and will taint our courts for decades.

Tonight, Mike Pence will be appearing in the Vice Presidential Debate across from Sen. Kamala Harris. Sen. Harris has a terrific pro-choice record and was the first 2020 Democratic primary candidate to mention abortion in a debate.

We cannot allow Mike Pence to force his anti-woman agenda on America any longer. Email us at to get involved. There’s still time to make a difference before Election Day.

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