The election turn out for 2020 is huge. Don’t miss your chance to be heard! If you still haven’t cast your ballot in Ohio, or have questions about the process, here are some last-minute answers to questions you may have. Find official details at

I still need to vote! What’s the best way?
You have two main ways to do so:

  1. Go to the final early voting sessions at your county’s early voting location
    1-5PM on Sunday
    8AM-2PM on Monday
  2. Vote at the polling location in your neighborhood on Election Day
    6:30AM-7:30PM on Tuesday (Every person in line by 7:30PM can STAY IN LINE and cast a ballot.)

Do I need to show ID to vote?
Yes, but there are details. All Election Day voters must show a valid government ID or they can use a utility bill with your name and registered address on it. Absentee voters on Sunday and Monday only need the last four digits of your social security number.

Where is my county’s early voting location?
You can look it up here.

Where is my neighborhood polling place?
You can look it up here.

I got a mail-in ballot (an absentee ballot) and haven’t sent it back in. What should I do with it?
Don’t mail it. There’s a ballot box outside your county early voting location. Take it there yourself and drop it off. The parking around the facility will likely be difficult during early voting hours, so you may be more likely to do this quickly if you wait until Sunday night, Monday night, or Tuesday. The ballot box closes at 7:30PM Tuesday.

Why can’t I mail it?
Ballots postmarked by Monday are supposed to be accepted, but with Donald Trump’s campaign against voters and manipulation of the US Postal Service, we don’t have faith that your ballot will be received. Please drop it off unless you have no other options.

I returned my ballot already. Did they get it?
You can track your ballot here.

Can I take my mail in ballot to my neighborhood polling place on Tuesday?
No. Absolutely not. Poll workers have no ability to accept absentee ballots. You should take it to the county ballot box. Only go to the polls to vote using a provisional ballot if you have no other options.

I just got rushed to the hospital. Can I still vote?
Yes! Contact your county board of elections immediately. If you or your minor child is in the hospital on Election Day, you must submit a properly-completed and signed request to the board of elections of the county in which your voting residence is located by 3 p.m. on Election Day. To be eligible under this provision, you or your minor child must be confined in a hospital because of an accident or unforeseeable medical emergency. If you or your minor child is hospitalized in the same county where you are registered to vote, two representatives of the board of elections can deliver the ballot to you, wait while you mark the ballot, and return your voted ballot to the board office. Additionally, you may include in your absentee ballot application a request that your county board of elections give your unmarked ballot to a designated relative – your spouse, father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, son, daughter, adopted parent, adopted child, stepparent, stepchild, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece – who shall deliver the ballot to you in the hospital and return your voted ballot to the board office. You can find the Hospitalized Absentee Ballot Request Form here.

I asked for an absentee ballot and haven’t gotten it yet. What now?
You have two options.

  1. Better option: Go to your county’s early voting location on Sunday or Monday during voting hours and tell them you never got your absentee ballot. You can vote there.
  2. Last resort option: Go to your neighborhood polling place on Tuesday before 7:30PM and vote there using a provisional ballot.

What’s a provisional ballot?
When you complete a provisional ballot, county board of elections officials will look at your registration, review your absentee ballot request, and confirm you didn’t cast a ballot already. Then, provided you’ve done everything right, it gets counted. Get it? “Provided…” “Provisional…” It’s a real ballot that gets counted later, but you want to vote using a normal ballot if you can.

I have since moved. Do I need to update my registration before requesting my ballot?
If you have moved within the same precinct but did not update your registration address before October 5th, you may vote a regular ballot at your regular polling location after completing a voter registration form to update your address. If you moved to a different precinct or county, you can vote a provisional ballot at the polling place in the precinct where you now reside.

I changed my name since the last election. Can I still vote? 
Yes. Bring your new ID to your polling location and complete a name change form to update your voter registration and use a provisional ballot.

When will the results of the election be announced?
Counting votes will begin on November 3, 2020 at 7:31 p.m. starting with absentee ballots that have been received before Election Day. It’s important to note that ballots postmarked by November 2, 2020 will still be counted, so the unofficial results are not final until the official certification by the boards of elections and secretary of state.

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