Jaime Miracle, speaking to the press in opposition to Senate Bill 27:

Thank you to everyone who has already spoken about why they are opposing SB 27. This bill is dangerous on so many different levels. Abortion providers across the state provide compassionate and necessary care each and every day, no matter what the state legislature throws at them, and we are thankful they are here to ensure that the right to have an abortion is a reality for patients in our state.

This bill isn’t about making sure pregnant people have options. It’s about limiting which options exist. It’s about shaming patients who choose to have an abortion, and the medical professionals who provide abortion care. It’s about putting abortion out of reach for Ohioans, and that puts lives at risk. In fact this bill will open the door to increased harassment of abortion providers in Ohio by groups like Created Equal, who have a long history of harassing providers and those who contract with providers at their homes, even once following a teenage child of a doctor around her neighborhood on an afternoon run with a box truck with her mother’s picture and the caption “There are Killers Among Us”. This bill will play right into the hands of these extremists.

Medical facilities that provide abortion services handle biological materials just like any other medical facility in the state. Politically motivated investigations by Dave Yost (as state auditor) and Mike DeWine (as attorney general) confirmed that Ohio abortion providers follow state and federal laws when handling biological material. The fact that this bill only targets abortion providers for additional restrictions and regulations show the truth behind the intent of the bill.

The State of Ohio has enough on its hands with the current pandemic. Anti-choice politicians should not be trying to pass a bill which will waste even more taxpayer money and restrict health care providers while people are literally dying, starving, trying to support their families, and facing evictions due to the pandemic and the failing economy. Ohioans are hurting and they need help, not another unconstitutional witch hunt designed to close abortion clinics and shame their patients

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