Last week, we provided the status of anti-choice legislation and court cases we’re monitoring. Here’s an update:

Current anti-choice legislation:

House Bill 110 (state operating budget): The latest substitute version of the budget was released this week, and the Republican leadership on the Ohio House Committee on Finance added two significant anti-choice line items. First, $6,000,000 would be given to so-called “crisis pregnancy centers.” Second, $2,000,000 would be spent on abstinence-only miseducation.
UPDATED STATUS: Passed by Ohio House on Wednesday, now assigned to Ohio Senate Committee on Finance.

Senate Bill 123 (trigger ban on abortion): Sen. Kristina Roegner and Sen. Sandra O’Brien have written a bill that would ban all abortions in Ohio if the U.S. Supreme Court hands down a ruling allowing for full bans on abortion to be enforced.
Status: Assigned to Senate Health Committee, has not received a hearing.

Senate Bill 157 (medical interference and defamation act): Sen. Terry Johnson and Sen. Stephen Huffman are lying about abortion. Bills like these perpetuate myths and lies about abortion care, the people who receive this care and the doctors who care for them, and reveal the consistent strategy of of anti-abortion politicians, whose ultimate goal is to push abortion completely out of reach. This bill does absolutely nothing to improve the health and well-being of individuals and families in Ohio.
Status: Not yet assigned to committee.

Recent court activity:

House Bill 214 (reason ban): The federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed two previous federal court rulings this week and removed the preliminary injunction blocking this ban from going into effect. Designed criminalize physicians and stigmatize the procedure, this ban would charge physicians with a felony if they perform an abortion if they know the patient chose abortion because of a fetal Down syndrome diagnosis. Disability groups, medical associations and many other groups spoke out against this bill when it was pending before the Ohio Legislature.
UPDATED STATUS: The ban is not yet in effect, and attorneys for Ohio abortion providers are reviewing information from court ruling and state guidance. 

Senate Bill 27 (tissue disposal bill): This restriction requires cremation or burial following an abortion.
Status: Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas has temporarily blocked this restriction.

Senate Bill 260 (telemedicine abortion ban): This ban prohibits Ohio abortion providers from using telemedicine to provide medication abortion care.
UPDATED STATUS: Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas issued new preliminary injunction blocking this law from going into effect. 

Because all of this is confusing, it’s important to remind everyone that abortion is still legal in Ohio.

If you or someone you love needs abortion information, visit ProChoiceOhio.org/Clinics to find answers.

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