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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2021


May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and we’ve got some important and fun items for you to check out:

Join Ohio Progressive Asian Women’s Leadership (OPAWL) to learn how you can help put pressure on the Senate Finance Committee to demand they prioritize Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities during the ongoing state budget process. The Ohio budget is a moral document. It demonstrates our priorities as a state. Over 350,000 of our fellow Ohioans are Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander, and Ohio’s state budget needs to finally include us to invest in our safety, recovery and resilience. Register and learn more at

Our Field Manager Kelley Freeman is fundraising for OPAWL as part of the Anne Braden anti-racist organizer program. Founded in Central Ohio in 2016, OPAWL is a grassroots community that organizes for social justice and elevates the voices, visibility, and progressive leadership of AAPI women and nonbinary people in Ohio. By co-creating an organized and intersectional feminist member-led community, they are building collective power. Their primary strategies for building power are through community building, art and storytelling, political education, and organizing campaigns. Make a tax-deductible gift to OPAWL through Kelley’s fundraising page — or — make a more powerful contribution (for political use, not tax deductible) to their 501c4 arm via PayPal.

Linda Lindas

Did you see The Linda Lindas?!?! Amy Poehler had asked the Asian-American and Latina teen punk rock band from Los Angeles to record a song for her new film Moxie, but it wasn’t until this weekend when the band exploded on social media. Their 40 minute set at the LA Public Library went viral and when we heard them sing Racist, Sexist Boy, our hearts absolutely swelled with pride. If you haven’t heard them, you must check them out. The kids are all right.

Watch The Linda Lindas on the LA Public Library YouTube channel

New event series: Community Conversations


As Ohio begins to open back up and pandemic restrictions are lifted, there are still heavy concerns on protecting ourselves, access to reproductive health care, housing, food security, racial justice and more. We want to hear from you! What are the critical issues you face? What does your community need to help everyone thrive?

Join NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation and the Ohio Women’s Alliance for a virtual community conversation to discuss safety, security, and essential needs to improve the conditions in your community. We are holding space to come together and deepen our relationships to determine how to use our people power, share resources, and fill the gaps to push our state forward! Throughout this Spring and Summer, our team will be hosting small, localized discussions online each Wednesday evening. Our first discussions will be in Athens, Columbiana, and Meigs Counties, but future events will be held in a community near you in the coming weeks.

Community Conversations — Athens County
Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 6 PM
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Community Conversations — Columbiana County
Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 6 PM
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Community Conversations — Meigs County
Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 6 PM
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Parenting During a Pandemic: American Rescue Plan Series


Passed by Congress and signed by President Joe Biden in March, the American Rescue Plan will deliver immediate and effective relief for parents and families hit hard by the pandemic, address racial and gender disparities in health and economic outcomes that have been exacerbated throughout the crisis, and make bold progress that puts us on a path to recovery. But what does that relief look like? What can parents and caregivers expect from the American Rescue Plan?

Join NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network as we partner to host a series of Facebook Live conversations to examine the different components of the ARP and what it means for parents. This series will be structured as informative and action-oriented conversations featuring advocates, partner organizations, and elected officials.

First topic: Child Tax Credit
Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Watch video or listen on our NARAL’s The Morning After podcast
Speaker Panel:

  • Chad Bolt, Legislative Assistant for Senator Sherrod Brown
  • Te’Jal Cartwright, a mother with MomsRising
  • Jasmine Henderson, Director of Policy and Social Impact at the Ohio Women’s Alliance
  • Elizabeth Brown, Executive Director of the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network

Second topic: Paid Leave Tax Credit
Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Watch video or listen on our NARAL’s The Morning After podcast
Speaker Panel:

  • Desiree Tims, President/CEO of Innovation Ohio
  • Kate McCleese, Senior Campaign Manager of PL+US
  • Monica Womack, Public Policy Chair, of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Central Ohio Chapter
  • Vashitta Johnson, Paid Leave Advocate of PL+US

Third topic: Child Care and Development Block Grant
Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Watch video or listen on our NARAL’s The Morning After podcast

Speaker panel:

  • Will Petrik, Budget Researcher of Policy Matters Ohio
  • Holly Hankinson, Advocacy Director for the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • Elizabeth Brown, Executive Director of the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network

Fourth topic: Housing and Rental Assistance
Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Watch video or listen on our NARAL’s The Morning After podcast

Speaker panel:

  • Alayna Webb, Housing Coordinator, Ohio Domestic Violence Network
  • Tia Lurie, Director of Operations, YWCA Dayton
  • Chantell Duke-Robinson, Rapid Rehousing Manager
  • Elizabeth Brown, Executive Director of the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network

This week at the Ohio Statehouse

Ohio Statehouse

This week, we’ll be watching testimony on doula services, monitoring a bad anti-voter bill, joining the call for transparency in redistricting, and advocating for the opportunity for all Ohioans to access state government via virtual testimony.

Doula Services
House Bill 142

House Bill 142 would allow Medicaid to cover doula care, which is essential in reducing infant mortality and maternal mortality and morbidity, especially among Black Ohioans. “This has been a situation that we have been dealing with for a very long time and the unfortunate part of that is that the discussion always seems to have a basis in race versus the understanding of racism within institutions,” Restoring Our Own Through Transformation CEO Jessica Roach told Spectrum News 1 earlier this year.

Anti-Voter Bill
House Bill 294

As explained by Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney on Twitter: “House Bill 294 would limit options for voters and add new and needless restrictions. Any bill that erodes the freedom for Ohioans to vote in the manner of their choice is a nonstarter.”

Stacey Abrams has voiced her opposition to the bill as well: “HB 294 will clearly suppress the votes of the inconvenient, the marginalized & those who wish to be heard. This isn’t about your partisanship. It’s about our patriotism. Tell Ohio leaders that the insurrection failed & to vote NO.”

Limiting access to the polls is clearly a Republican priority, so much so that the committee chair prevented Democratic members of the House Committee on Government Oversight from conducting a full questioning of the bill’s sponsors during a hearing on Thursday. “The hearing was contentious at times and ended with Democrats walking out in protest of their questioning being limited to about 90 minutes,” reported the Ohio Capital Journal.

As explained by Rep. Stephanie Howse explained the situation on Instagram and was quoted by the Cleveland Plain Dealer: “With all due respect, this issue is vitally important and to say we’re going to cut it off or limit people’s questions based on, I don’t know what it’s based on. But it is not right. We are talking about the freedom of people’s vote.”

Find your state representative at and contact them directly to oppose House Bill 294.

Transparency in Redistricting Bill
House Bill 313

Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson introduced legislation to strengthen transparency requirements in the redistricting process and help Ohio fulfill its duties under the fair redistricting reforms voters passed in 2015 and 2018: “Transparency and keeping the public informed is important. That’s why Democrats are rolling out legislation to require greater transparency and public access in the redistricting process,” said Rep. Hicks-Hudson. “This plan lives up to the spirit of what Ohioans voted for, expanding meetings and notice requirements, making more records public, and facilitating the public’s submission of maps and proposals and testimony both in person and virtually.”

All on the Line Ohio has an advocacy tool to contact your state representative in support of House Bill 313.

Virtual Testimony Bills
House Bill 55 and Senate Bill 179

From Ohio Capital Journal: “Companion bills in the House and Senate propose setting up a system to allow for virtual testimony beyond the pandemic. State Reps. Brigid Kelly, D-Cincinnati, and Adam Miller, D-Columbus, along with state Sen. Cecil Thomas, D-Cincinnati, are leading the efforts in their respective chambers. ‘It’s not fair to ask Ohioans to travel all the way to Columbus to weigh in on proposed legislation,’ Thomas said in a statement announcing the proposal. ‘Most Ohioans aren’t able to leave their job or family on a weekday, and many don’t have access to transportation. Many Ohioans have disabilities or health conditions that also make it difficult to testify in-person. This bill would allow all Ohioans to participate in the legislative process.’”

Now is the time to get involved


Roe v. Wade is in jeopardy. To protect abortion, the need for advocacy efforts at the Statehouse and expanded grassroots organizing has reached a critical level. Millions of Ohioans could lose their right to bodily autonomy with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling expected next spring. Now is the time to act. Become a member of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio today and be part of something bigger. Be part of the vital effort to protect safe, legal abortion here in Ohio. Join us, step into your activism, and be part of the active and vocal pro-choice majority. Now is the time to get involved.

Become a member or renew your membership in May for a limited edition NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio sticker.

It’s important to remember that right now, abortion is still legal, and clinics are open for patients who need them. But we need to do whatever is within our means to fight to keep it that way.

Please donate generously.

…and from our partners:

OhioRCRC podcast: Making Real Peace: The Struggle for Reproductive Freedom from Ohio to Palestine


Violence in Palestine is an issue of reproductive health, rights, and justice. Join Ohio RCRC Faith Organizers Kelley Fox and Terry Williams as they talk Palestinian liberation, reproductive justice, and unpack what it means to oppose state-sanctioned violence from Gaza all the way to Columbus. This episode also includes a podcast exclusive where our hosts give this week’s Supreme Court news on abortion the talking through it deserves.

Listen at

Remembering Dr. George Tiller

Dr. Tiller

Dr. George Tiller was a medical doctor who specialized in providing abortions after the first trimester. He devoted his life to providing compassionate care to patients seeking abortion throughout the United States and around the world. A fierce defender of patient rights and bodily autonomy, Dr. Tiller believed that no one knew better than a patient what choices were best for their body.

Dr. Tiller was assassinated on Sunday, May 31st in 2009, as he was serving as a volunteer for a worship service at his Lutheran church in Wichita, Kansas.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio joins the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice in remembering Dr. Tiller’s legacy as they join with prayerfully pro-choice faith communities across the nation in solemn commitment that his life, witness, and ongoing legacy will continue to be a blessing long after his death.

Find more info and sharable content at

Restorative & Transformative Justice Book Club


Join OhioRCRC for a book club that explores the power & promise of restorative and transformative justice, led by Ohio RCRC Faith Organizer Kelley Fox! Regardless of whether you’ve read these books or not, Kelley will be available to answer questions and talk about each book. This month’s book is The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence Within Activist Communities by Ching-In Chen, Jai Dulani, and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 3 PM

Facebook event

inhale exhale, may 2021: restorative healing for community organizers

Ohio Voice

Inhale/Exhale is a program providing restorative healing for activists and organizers. Join Ohio Voice for Inhale/Exhale with Sharonda Crome. In this installment of Polarity Therapy for Inhale/Exhale they learn to distinguish the difference between knowing our value and worth and working to prove our value and worth.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 7 PM

Facebook event

WHO/O 2021 Fund-A-Thon Virtual Variety Show


Join Women Have Options – Ohio for a celebratory virtual variety show! As you may already know, Ohio’s abortion funds have been in the middle of their biggest annual fundraiser. Get ready for a grand night filled with telethon-esque entertainment, and the ability to still help them fundraise to $50K to support people in Ohio seeking assistance to get access to abortion!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 7 PM

Facebook event

Rally & March: Demanding Accountability for the Murder of Vincent Belmonte


Join Black Lives Matter Cleveland and Black Spring CLE in East Cleveland to demand justice and accountability for the senseless murder of Vincent Belmonte by an East Cleveland Police officer. Stand with his family, his loved ones, and his community! They will march from Heritage Elementary School directly to the East Cleveland Police Station, where you will hear the family of Vincent Belmonte speak.

Monday, May 31, 2021 at 1 PM
14410 Terrace Rd, Cleveland, OH 44112

Facebook event

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