We’ve just learned about a new anti-abortion bill that was just introduced:

You can take action right now to contact your member of the Ohio House of Representatives and tell them to reject House Bill 378.

Representatives Kyle Koehler and Sarah Fowler Arthur have announced that they have introduced a bill to force doctors to lie to patients, potentially putting people’s health in danger, specifically about medicines anti-abortion organizations claim interrupt the abortion process. This bill is similar to one introduced last session by former Senator Peggy Lehner, Senate Bill 155. So-called abortion reversal ideas are founded in lies about how medication abortion works and an attempt to spread more misinformation about abortion care. This false information should never be allowed to be written into state law.

Patients need medically accurate information to make the decision that is right for them. Forcing providers to give patients misleading information undermines informed consent and interferes with the trusting relationship between a provider and patient.

The idea of using progesterone to interrupt a medication abortion was unproven last session when this bill was introduced, and now there is even more evidence showing that this protocol could pose a danger to patients. Medication abortion with mifepristone is a combination of two medications – and we know it is a safe and effective way of ending an early pregnancy, based rigorous scientific research and almost 20 years of use in this country.

Abortion care providers want patients to make informed decisions. They spend time discussing all medically proven options with patients and supporting whatever decision they make. People who seek abortion care arrive at a thoughtful decision about what is best for them, their families, and their futures; we trust them to be the experts in their own lives. Providers need to be able to support patients in considering their options without state-mandated deception, pressure, or shame.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio will always stand by our Ohio abortion clinics and the patients they serve.

Join us by taking action immediately and demand a complete rejection of this bill.

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