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Reproductive Justice: The Facts


Our rockstar interns spent last week covering our Instagram channel with loads of useful information on Reproductive Justice — what it is, who it’s for, and who started it. The Reproductive Justice movement centers the experiences and leadership of communities most affected by oppression. Though NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is a reproductive rights organization, we are committed to doing our part in advancing reproductive rights for all which means maintaining solidarity with those organizations at the forefront of the RJ movement.

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The fundamental right to make decisions about one’s own body, life, and future is essential to the pursuit of Reproductive Justice. For the past 25 years, women of color led organizations have been at the forefront of this fight.

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NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio’s Ariana Ybarra testifies on Ohio redistricting


On August 26, 2021, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio’s Ariana Ybarra submitted testimony to the Ohio Redistricting Commission for a regional meeting in Lima, Ohio.

Partisan gerrymandering has led to a intersecting web of obstacles to accessing abortion — beyond the 30 abortion bans that have been introduced in the past 10 years and the loss of multiple clinics, Ohio is also lacking in robust public transit, better worker protections, affordable childcare, and more. All of these issues contribute to making Ohio one of the most hostile states for reproductive rights. But this isn’t the only issue that has arisen as a result of gerrymandering. Ohio also has poor health outcomes, especially for poor communities and people of color, high rates of maternal and infant mortality, and an unconstitutional public school funding system.

Public hearings on redistricting were held throughout last week. Find official information at

Read Ariana’s full testimony on our blog

The 2nd annual Race for Repro Freedom


The Race for Repro Freedom 2021 is October 9-17! As with last year’s event, it will be 100% virtual to keep everyone safe. You can complete the 5k from anywhere! Join in the fun by signing up to run, walk, or any way you’d like to participate—and sign up your pet, too. By recruiting others to race, your support goes even further, and you can earn rewards.

As we await the U.S. Supreme Court decision that could gut Roe v Wade, it is more important than ever before to be organizing from the ground up. Every dollar raised will be invested in ongoing grassroots organizing to strengthen the pipeline of trained movement leaders to work in communities across Ohio. Your participation helps fight abortion stigma, too

Here is how to do it:

  1. Register now. You’ll receive your official 2021 Race for Repro Freedom t-shirt, bib, medal, and window cling. If you register your pet, they’ll receive an official 2021 Race for Repro Freedom Pet Bib!
  2. Create a fun team name and invite your friends to join you.
  3. Fundraise! Let your friends, family, and co-workers know about the race and ask for them to support your team.
  4. Recruit other racers to earn rewards.
  5. Complete your race during the race window, October 9th-17th, recording your results with the easy-to-use RunKeeper app on your phone.
  6. Join us in celebrating your efforts via a Zoom happy hour, too.

The Race for Repro Freedom is a great way to have some fun as we work together to protect and expand abortion access in Ohio. Sign up today! 

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Event series: Community Conversations


As Ohio begins to open back up and pandemic restrictions are lifted, there are still heavy concerns on protecting ourselves, access to reproductive health care, housing, food security, racial justice and more. We want to hear from you! What are the critical issues you face? What does your community need to help everyone thrive?

Here are some statements from participants in our previous discussion. Do any of these ideas sound familiar to you?

Mary H. — “It’s sometimes hard for people to breakthrough because it’s been the same cohort of people running everything. The way our town council spends the money is a major concern, specifically towards over policing instead of towards the education system and health care.”

Sophia C. — “The amount of CPC’s around here is a big problem. The struggle of finding transportation to get to a real health care facility or an abortion clinic is hurting folks.”

Kris L. — “The lack of healthcare does not have to do with people not working. It has to do with low-paying part time jobs.”

Join NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation and the Ohio Women’s Alliance for a virtual community conversation to discuss safety, security, and essential needs to improve the conditions in your community. We are holding space to come together and deepen our relationships to determine how to use our people power, share resources, and fill the gaps to push our state forward! Throughout this Spring and Summer, our team will be hosting small, localized discussions online each Wednesday evening.

Register for upcoming dates:

September 1 at 6 PM: Franklin County (Columbus)
September 8 at 6 PM: Summit County (Akron)

We are more powerful together. We are the pro-choice majority.

Join us

Our members are building grassroots power to keep our legislators in check. Join us by becoming a NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio member today. Join the only organization in Ohio focused solely on abortion policy and advocacy. Together, we will protect reproductive freedom and let pregnant people decide whether or when to have a family. Our members are an essential part of this movement to expand access to safe and legal abortion care. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear a case that puts Roe v. Wade in jeopardy, what we do in Ohio matters.

Your financial support is vital at this time as we organize and train more advocates across the state to fight for fair legislative districts. Together, we can break free from the tyranny of gerrymandered districts — but we need your support to turn the tide. Fund grassroots organizers across the state who are, right now, mobilizing more advocates to fight against any abortion restriction.

Become a member today.

Video: (Mis)understanding Critical Race Theory

City Club

On August 20, 2021, the City Club welcomed Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries, Associate Professor of History at The Ohio State University:

“What exactly is Critical Race Theory? And what is it NOT? And how has this framework of analysis become the new punching bag in the culture wars of the country?”

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Months after Ma’Khia Bryant’s killing, Columbus police more emboldened than ever


This summer saw far fewer protests against police violence than in 2020, but that doesn’t mean the issue has gone away. Local organizers are still seeking solutions, but those efforts aren’t being matched by municipal officials.

Reporting from the Guardian covered the issue in Ohio:

“There’s a real disconnect between what politicians are saying and the actions behind it,” said Jordyn Close, state coordinator at URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity, an intersectional reproductive justice organization. “I think organizers in the movement have gotten to a point where we’re offered these platitudes like community review boards and de-escalation training but you can’t reform white supremacy, which is what police and the industrial-prison complex uphold.”

Read more in the Guardian

…and from our partners:

From the Center for Community Solutions: Introduction to TANF


Republicans in the Ohio Legislature have been giving millions of dollars to phony crisis pregnancy centers through state operating budget bills for the past few years. These funds were drawn from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families fund, or TANF. But what is TANF exactly?

According to the non-partisan Center for Community Solutions:

“The TANF program was created as a “welfare to work” program and was accompanied by (1) time limits any family could spend on the program, and (2) mandatory work requirements for eligible adults. Although the federal government sets the time limit that an eligible family can spend receiving TANF cash assistance at five years, Ohio has elected to set its limit at three years. Ohio’s TANF cash assistance program is called Ohio Works First (OWF). To be eligible for cash assistance through OWF, there must be a child in the household, and a family’s gross income must be 50 percent of the federal poverty level or less. For a family of three in 2020, that’s just $10,860 per year.”

Learn more at

Ohio RCRC podcast: The Water We’re Swimming In: Harm Reduction, Abolition, & Reproductive Justice


Special guest Blyth Barnow from Faith in Public Life joins Ohio RCRC Faith Organizer Kelley Fox to discuss the oppressive systems that continue to harm those who are simply trying to survive & live their lives. From substance use to abortion access, this episode breaks down the white supremacist logic that insists there is only one path to a good and moral life.

Listen at

‘Abolition Reads’ book club (session 2)


An event by Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice:

The revolution starts at home — but it doesn’t end there. To truly build a world without police and prisons, we have to address where we are and take concrete steps so all people can live with freedom & dignity. Join us as we take what we’ve gleaned from our recent book club on restorative & transformative justice and learn how to make abolition & bodily autonomy possible by building alternatives to state-sanctioned violence.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 at noon

Facebook event

Support Texas: Bans Off Our Bodies


In Texas, Senate Bill 8 is a horrible 6-week abortion ban that allows anyone to sue anyone who “aides or abets” an abortion after fetal cardiac activity is detected. The bill is set to go into effect on Wednesday. A lot of legal maneuvering happened over the weekend, the most critical part of that was that today’s hearing on issuing a temporary restraining order to block the law has been canceled, leaving clinics and their patients in a dangerous and stressful waiting game to see if they will be able to get a temporary restraining order before the law goes into effect.

Our hearts go out to everyone fighting this in Texas this week. Everyone should have access to the abortion care they need without governmental interference, and the added stress from the court cancelling today’s hearing is just unbearable.

Now more than ever, abortion funds need your support. Contributions through this form will be split evenly between Fund Texas Choice, Support Your Sistah at the Afiya Center, West Fund, Clinic Access Support Network, Frontera Fund, Texas Equal Access Fund, The Bridge Collective, Jane’s Due Process, and the Lilith Fund.

Chip in to ensure Texans can get abortion care

Black Women’s Roundtable for Voting Rights


An event by the Ohio Women’s Alliance Action Fund:

What would democracy look like without Black women being the movers of change in Ohio and the rest of the country? House Bill 294 and 387 are designed to stifle the growing voting power of Black women because Black women in Ohio voted in margins in the 90th percentile. We know the hostile right-wing legislature wants to suppress the Black vote and we intend to stop it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 6 PM

Facebook event

NEO Voted to End Gerrymandering — Let’s Get to Work!


An event histed by Fair Districts Ohio, League of Women Voters of Ohio, Common Cause Ohio, ACLU Ohio, and Ideastream Public Media:

Join us for an in-depth discussion about this year’s ONCE-IN-A-DECADE redistricting process and how newly passed reforms will impact Northeast Ohio’s gerrymandered voting districts. In 2015 & 2018, Ohio voters, in all 88 counties, voted for reforms that would end the gerrymandering of our congressional and state legislative district maps. This year, the state legislature and the newly created Ohio Redistricting Commission will RE-DRAW those maps abiding by the newly passed reforms. Learn about the redistricting process, what’s ahead, and how YOU can help draw new FAIR district maps for Northeast Ohio.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 7 PM

Facebook event

Event series: Stop Ohio Anti-Protest Bills


An event by Stop Ohio Anti-Protest Bills, Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and others:

Whether we’re Black or white, Latino or Asian, Indigenous or newcomer, we want our families to be healthy and whole. But today, as Ohioans march together in anger and mourning over the brutal shootings of Black Americans by police, a handful of politicians are trying to turn us against one another. They hope that by spreading lies about our collective demands for justice and silencing us by criminalizing peaceful public witness, we will turn against these efforts to ensure a better future for us all. We reject their attempts to divide us, and we will raise our voices together on Sept. 22 for Andre Hill, George Floyd, and Casey Goodson Jr, until justice is truly for all.

Fundamentals of Legislative Visits and Making the Ask
Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 7 PM

Fundamentals of Legislative Visits and Making the Ask
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 7 PM

Statehouse Stomp
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 9 AM
55 E. State St. Coluimbus, OH 43215

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Fall 2021 Virtual College/Youth Fellowship Nomination Form


Men4Choice is looking for college age male-identifying leaders (18-25) who want to deepen their understanding and engagement in the fight for abortion access and reproductive freedom. If you know an emerging young leader with a passion for justice, and someone who could help lead their peers and community as an ally in the fight for reproductive freedom, nominate them for our upcoming cohorts.

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