Late last night, clinic staff in Texas were performing abortions. We heard from Amy Hagstrom Miller that Whole Woman’s Health served their last patient at 11:50 PM. At midnight, a new 6-week abortion ban went into effect across the Lone Star State. It is heartbreaking to know that people who need abortion care in Texas could be forced to continue pregnancies against their will if they cannot escape the borders of their state.

Here’s the most important things for you to know:

  • Abortion is still legal in Ohio. Why do we keep emphasizing this? It’s because we know headlines about abortion cause some people to believe that clinics are closed where they live. You can always find a full list of open clinics at
  • People in Texas need your support. In Texas, Senate Bill 8 will ban abortion as early as 6 weeks and put a minimum of a $10,000 bounty on anyone that helps someone obtain an abortion in Texas. This law specifically targets abortion funds, which help Texans pay for their procedure and get logistical help like a ride to the clinic. Now more than ever, abortion funds need your support. This link directly supports Clinic Access Support Network, Support Your Sistah at the Afiya Center, Fund Texas Choice, West Fund, Texas Equal Access Fund, the Lilith Fund, The Bridge Collective, Frontera Fund, and Jane’s Due Process:
  • Ohio lawmakers are still pushing new abortion bans. Anti-choice Republicans have already introduced a trigger ban in Ohio, Senate Bill 123, and will hold hearings on this proposal when the state legislature returns this autumn. Contact your state senator and representative in the Ohio Statehouse to voice your support for abortion access.

A threat to abortion rights anywhere is a threat to abortion rights everywhere. We will never stop fighting.

For choice, forever,
Kellie Copeland
Executive Director
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio

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