On behalf of the NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio board and staff, I’m incredibly proud to announce our endorsement of Nan Whaley for governor of Ohio.

If you’ve visited our website at any time since May 8, 2019, you’ve seen Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley’s smiling face looking back at you. In 2019, our team was hard at work protecting Women’s Med Center of Dayton. The abortion clinic was staring down a threat from Gov. Mike DeWine’s health department. Nan Whaley was eager to help. She made calls on behalf of the clinic’s patients and talked with the city commission. That Wednesday, Mayor Whaley called a vote on a resolution stating that her city supported the clinic and urged the local hospital to stand with them as well. After the commission meeting ended, she thanked every volunteer for showing up in support of the clinic before asking to take this photo with the team.

That’s true leadership.

Nan Whaley didn’t dodge our calls. We didn’t have to beg for her attention. She’s never shown the kind of tepid support we’ve seen from other Democrats who claim to support a “woman’s right to choose” but can’t even bring themselves to mention the word abortion or take real action to protect the actual access we’re fighting to preserve. Nan Whaley has always been on your side.

I recently met with our board and discussed the upcoming race for governor. We understand exactly what’s at stake in the 2022 election. Gov. Mike DeWine has spent the entirety of his very long political career casting anti-choice votes in Congress, abusing the power of the Ohio Attorney General’s office, and now signing one attack after another on abortion and reproductive health care. DeWine fabricated claims about Planned Parenthood and campaigned on a promise to sign the 6-week abortion ban. He’s handed over millions of dollars to phony crisis pregnancy centers and used the Ohio Department of Health as a weapon against abortion providers. Mike DeWine is bad for Ohio. 

With a U.S. Supreme Court packed by Donald Trump, the fight to protect abortion access lies at the state level. We all watched as Texas implemented the dangerous and destructive Senate Bill 8, a version of the 6-week abortion ban that originated here in Ohio. The gerrymandered state Senate and House of Representatives drools whenever a new evil abortion restriction gets invented; it’s only a matter of time before they follow Texas’ lead. Ohio must have a governor who will protect people who need abortion care and the medical professionals who serve them.

That governor needs to be Nan Whaley. 

Following the unanimous vote to endorse Nan Whaley, our board also authorized a $2,500 contribution to her campaign from the NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio PAC. Our endorsement comes after the Whaley campaign announced an historic fundraising haul of more than $1.64 million for the first half of 2021, which is the most ever raised by a Democratic challenger for Ohio governor at this point in the race. This is important because it shows the clear support of Ohioans who are eager to see real leadership in the governor’s office. 

The full NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio team is going to be hard at work every step of the way to Election Day. We need you with us. Your support puts volunteers on phones, online, and on the doors to make sure every pro-choice voter in Ohio hears about Nan Whaley. Can you pitch in today to keep us moving?

It is imperative that we elect a governor that is passionately and proactively devoted to ensuring that everyone in Ohio who needs an abortion can get one, especially those most impacted by barriers to care, including Black women and other women of color, young people, transgender and gender non-binary individuals.

We need leaders who will stand up every day and ensure Ohioans can access abortion and other reproductive health care in their community, without stigma, judgement or delay. 

Help us elect Nan Whaley for governor. 

For choice, forever,
Kellie Copeland
Executive Director
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio

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Kellie Copeland, Executive Director

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