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Dayton’s last abortion clinic, Women’s Med Center, is in imminent danger of being forced to close unless a local, private hospital agrees to sign a transfer agreement. This agreement does not cost anything, nor does it legally obligate the hospital to provide any services not already required by federal law.

If Premier Health fails to sign the transfer agreement, the abortion clinic will be forced to close. Hospital leaders, doctors, and staff know how destructive this would be for the women of Dayton and their families. Without a local abortion provider, the women of West Central Ohio will be forced to incur expensive travel costs or carry unhealthy or unwanted pregnancies to term.

Help keep abortion safe and legal in Dayton.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland said: “Our staff, volunteers and pro-choice activists in greater Dayton will continue to draw attention to the importance of keeping safe, legal abortion care in their community. We will be heard through petitions, emails, phone calls, rallies, and letters to the Dayton Daily News. The consistent message is to trust women to make their own medical decisions without political interference.”

Copeland continued, “To be clear, transfer agreements are medically-unnecessary. However, Governor DeWine is leveraging them to close abortion clinics in Ohio. Premier Health must make a decision in keeping with their role as a leader in public health for West Central Ohio to sign a transfer agreement with Women’s Med Center.”