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UPDATE, February 22, 2018 — The Ohio Department of Health must restore Capital Care’s license, or people in Northwest Ohio may not be able to access abortion care in their community. Please contact the Director of the Ohio Department of Health using the button above and ask him to restore Capital Care’s license immediately. Efforts to further obstruct access to safe and legal abortion care must end.

UPDATE, FEBRUARY 13, 2018Capital Care Network, Toledo’s only remaining abortion provider, has obtained a transfer agreement with ProMedica hospitals. The signed agreement satisfies the demands of the Kasich administration and will allow the clinic to continue to offer safe and legal abortion care for the people of Northwest Ohio.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland said: “For the past five years staff, volunteers and pro-choice activists in greater Toledo have done an outstanding job drawing attention to the importance of keeping safe, legal abortion care in their community. Thousands of people signed petitions, sent emails, made phone calls, knocked on doors, attended rallies and wrote to the Toledo Blade. Yesterday, activists, clergy, local elected officials and medical students rallied in the bitter cold. The consistent message throughout, was that we trust women to make their own medical decisions without political interference.”

Copeland continued, “To be clear, transfer agreements are medically-unnecessary. However, Governor Kasich has leveraged them to close abortion clinics across Ohio. Fortunately, ProMedica made a decision in keeping with their role as a leader in public health for Northwest Ohio to sign a transfer agreement with Capital Care Network.”


Toledo’s last abortion clinic, Capital Care Network, is in imminent danger of being forced to close unless a local, private hospital agrees to sign a transfer agreement. This agreement does not cost anything, nor does it legally obligate the hospital to provide any services not already required by federal law.

ProMedica and St. Luke’s Hospital are the only hospitals in Toledo that are legally eligible to sign a transfer agreement with Capital Care. They are both currently refusing to sign a transfer agreement out of a desire to remain neutral on abortion. However, if they fail to sign the transfer agreement, the abortion clinic will be forced to close. Hospital leaders, doctors, and staff know how destructive this would be for the women of Toledo and their families. Without a local abortion provider, the women of northwest Ohio will be forced to incur expensive travel costs or carry unhealthy or unwanted pregnancies to term.

Help keep abortion safe and legal in Toledo.

Even though Capital Care Network (or any medical facility) can transfer a patient to any local hospital when necessary, the state requires an official transfer agreement be signed between an abortion clinic and a hospital. This is a part of a politically-motivated scheme to close abortion clinics.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation Executive Director Kellie Copeland said: “I know ProMedica and St. Luke’s would prefer to remain neutral on abortion and I am appalled that Governor Kasich has put them in this position. However, one of these hospitals must either sign a transfer agreement with Capitol Care Network, or both admit they are a part of a Kasich’s quiet strategy to eliminate abortion access in Ohio.”

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