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NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio joins forces with the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
A new secular and faith-based partnership for reproductive rights
Two of the state’s leading pro-choice organizations—NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (ORCRC)—recently launched a formal partnership to advance reproductive freedom for Ohio women.
“Too often, religion is used to shame and stigmatize people who have had an abortion or use contraceptives. That is why the work of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is so important—Ohioans need to know that people of faith trust them to make their own reproductive health decisions,” said Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.
A pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-choice organization, ORCRC provides public education, advocacy, and spiritual counseling. “It’s an honor to partner with the NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio team in bringing the moral power of religious communities to the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement,” states Elaina Ramsey, ORCRC’s new executive director (pictured at left).
A dedicated community organizer and campaign strategist, Ramsey is the first woman of color to lead ORCRC. She is committed to working with NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio to center the voices of those most impacted by reproductive oppression, particularly communities of color, low-income women, and immigrants.
Copeland, a longtime advocate of reproductive freedom, has directed NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio since 2002. She affirms that there is no path forward for reproductive rights in Ohio without engaging more people of faith.
Both organizations remain independent but have begun to share office space, resources, and strategies. Through innovation and collaboration, the groups seek to equip secular and faith communities in securing reproductive healthcare for every Ohioan—including access to birth control, comprehensive sexuality education, and safe, legal abortion.
Together, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and ORCRC will protect the moral and constitutional rights of all Ohioans to make their own reproductive health decisions without shame and stigma and without interference from the state.
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