Don’t let politicians into the examination room. Together, we have the power to keep reproductive health decisions between women and their doctors. While anti-choice extremists have sought to abuse the regulatory process to close clinics, cut funding for family planning services, and legislate how doctors practice medicine, Pro-Choice Ohio has fought back, mobilizing our friends and allies in every community to make their voices heard. As a member of the pro-choice majority, your support is crucial. Your financial contribution funds our organizing efforts, our legislative policy work, and our education and outreach. Please, give to Pro-Choice Ohio today. Make a non-deductible contribution to Pro-Choice Ohio. This contribution can be used for political, lobbying, and issue advocacy. Make a fully deductible contribution to our 501c3 Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation. This contribution cannot be used for political purposes. Make a non-deductible contribution to Pro-Choice Ohio PAC. This contribution can be used for direct support of pro-choice candidates.