Ohio Abortion Ban Blocked for 14 Days

Columbus — Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Christian A. Jenkins has blocked Ohio’s six-week abortion ban for 14 days. The decision comes in Preterm Cleveland et. al. vs. David Yost, et. al. (Case no. A2203203).

Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland said: “Today’s ruling from Judge Christian Jenkins granting a TRO on the six-week abortion ban is a blockbuster ruling. Judge Jenkins said what we have already known: the Ohio Constitution does not allow state legislators and Governor Mike DeWine to ban Ohioans from accessing abortion care. This 14-day stay provides temporary relief to the suffering of people who need to have an abortion.

“There will be more court proceedings before this is all over. It is important that everyone knows that we are not powerless in the face of the suffering caused by Governor DeWine. This case will make its way to the Supreme Court of Ohio. It is imperative that Ohio voters reject Justices Sharon Kennedy, Pat DeWine, and Pat Fischer because they have already shown themselves to be a rubberstamp for Governor DeWine. Everyone who wants to see an end to the suffering caused by the six-week abortion ban should support Ohio’s abortion funds, and support pro-choice candidates like Nan Whaley for governor.”

The move to seek relief in Hamilton County courts came as a result of inaction by the Supreme Court of Ohio. Tomorrow, Pro-Choice Ohio will be releasing our latest round of 2022 General Election endorsements and recommendations. The state court role is critical for the future of abortion rights advocacy in Ohio.

The decision is available at https://hamiltoncountycourts.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Decision-and-Entry-Final-091422.pdf