Columbus — One day after a Hamilton County court judge blocked Mike DeWine’s six-week abortion ban, Pro-Choice Ohio is endorsing a slate of candidates for the Supreme Court of Ohio, in addition to other races on the 2022 General Election ballot.

Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland said: “There will be more court proceedings before this is all over. It is important that everyone knows that we are not powerless in the face of the suffering caused by Governor DeWine. The case currently in Hamilton County will make its way to the Supreme Court of Ohio. Any effort to pass a ballot initiative in Ohio will be impacted by the state’s high court as well. It is imperative that Ohio voters reject Justices Sharon Kennedy, Pat DeWine, and Pat Fischer because they have already shown themselves to be a rubber stamp for Governor DeWine. Everyone who wants to see an end to the suffering caused by the six-week abortion ban should support Ohio’s abortion funds and must vote to elect pro-choice candidates like Justice Jennifer Brunner, Judge Terri Jamison, Judge Marilyn Zayas, and of course Nan Whaley for Governor and Jeff Crossman for Attorney General.”

The candidates listed below were endorsed by the Pro-Choice Ohio board following a rigorous screening by our staff.

For Supreme Court of Ohio
Justice Jennifer Brunner for Chief Justice
Judge Terri Jamison for Justice
Judge Marilyn Zayas for Justice

Nan Whaley for Governor
Cheryl Stephens for Lt. Governor
Jeff Crossman for Attorney General
Chelsea Clark for Secretary of State
Taylor Sappington for State Auditor
Scott Schertzer for State Treasurer

Rep. Tim Ryan for US Senate
Rep. Emilia Sykes for US House of Representatives, 13th District

For the Ohio Senate
District 03 Sen. Tina Maharath
District 09 Rep. Catherine Ingram
District 11 Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson
District 13 Anthony Eliopoulos
District 21 Rep. Kent Smith
District 23 Sen. Nickie Antonio
District 25 Bill DeMora
District 27 Dr. Patricia Goetz
District 33 Bob Hagan

For the Ohio House of Representatives
District 1 Rep. Dontavius Jarrells
District 2 Rep. Latyna Humphrey
District 3 Ismail Mohamed
District 4 Rep. Mary Lightbody
District 5 Rep. Richard Brown
District 6 Rep. Adam Miller
District 7 Rep. Allison Russo
District 8 Rep. Beth Liston
District 10 Russell Harris
District 11 Dr. Anita Somani
District 13 Rep. Michael Skindell
District 14 Sean Brennan
District 16 Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney
District 17 Troy Greenfield
District 18 Darnell Brewer
District 19 Rep. Phillip Robinson
District 21 Elliot Forhan
District 22 Rep. Juanita Brent
District 24 Dani Isaacsohn
District 25 Sen. Cecil Thomas
District 27 Rachel Baker
District 28 Rep. Jessica Miranda
District 30 Alissa Mayhaus
District 31 Rita Darrow
District 32 Matt Shaughnessy
District 33 Rep. Tavia Galonski
District 34 Rep. Casey Weinstein
District 36 Addison Caruso
District 37 Megan Overman
District 40 Amy Cox
District 41 Nancy Larson
District 42 Erika White
District 43 Michele Grim
District 46 Lawrence Mulligan
District 47 Sam Lawrence
District 56 Joy Bennett
District 57 Evan Rosborough
District 59 Lauren McNally
District 61 Louise Valentine
District 62 Brian Flick
District 67 Drew Burge
District 69 Charlotte Owens
District 70 Eric Price
District 72 Dr. James Duffee
District 75 Jan Materni
District 79 Taylor Eastham
District 82 Magdalene Markward
District 83 Claire Osborne
District 84 Sophia Rodriguez
District 86 Barbara Luke
District 89 Jim Obergefell
District 94 Tanya Conrath
District 99 Kathy Zappitello

Chris Ronayne for Cuyahoga County Executive

The list is available on our website:

Issue 1 Passes with an overwhelming majority!

We did it! Abortion and other reproductive care services are now protected in the Ohio Constitution! Support Pro-Choice Ohio’s continued work to ensure safe and equitable abortion care for all Ohioans.