With the support of Ohioans just like you, Issue 1 passed by an overwhelming majority! We are so beyond grateful for your continued commitment to abortion access in Ohio!

We did it! We did it! Ohio voters showed up, and Issue 1 passed! Thanks to your unwavering support and tireless dedication, we’ve emerged victorious in the most challenging and high-stakes campaign in Pro-Choice Ohio’s history. Our supporters and their passion, commitment, and generous contributions have played a pivotal role in achieving this monumental victory for reproductive rights and abortion access despite the widespread misinformation from our opposition. Since the Dobbs decision in June 2022, Ohioans like you have stood with Pro-Choice Ohio on this arduous journey every step of the way. Your passion for abortion access, your relentless efforts, and financial support have truly made the difference for all Ohioans. For this election, you made it possible for Pro-Choice Ohio volunteers to make more than 60,000 calls, text over 200,000 voters, and knock over 3,000 doors to make sure everyone knew how important this election was! We’ve shown the world that when Ohioans come together and fight for what we believe in, we can accomplish the impossible. Working with advocates across the state, and in partnership with local, state, and national partners, we built a well-resourced and smart campaign to ensure our success. We uplift the tireless work of countless advocates, volunteers, donors, parents, and faith leaders who showed up again and again. Your belief in our mission to protect and expand access to abortion care has changed the course of history, not only for us but for other states who are gearing up for similar battles in the next year. We couldn’t have achieved this without your support.  As we celebrate this remarkable victory, we also recognize that the work is not over. Today’s victory is a new beginning, as we continue the work of protecting abortion access in Ohio. There will be new challenges we must face, and it’s imperative that we continue to build on our success. We will keep fighting until every person gets access to the abortion care they need, without interference, delay or stigma. Your involvement will remain crucial as we navigate the path ahead, and I hope you’ll stay with us to help shape the future. Tomorrow, we will wake up with a renewed sense of purpose to defend our democracy, fight abortion stigma, and help restore reproductive rights for all Americans. 

Issue 1 Passes with an overwhelming majority!

We did it! Abortion and other reproductive care services are now protected in the Ohio Constitution! Support Pro-Choice Ohio’s continued work to ensure safe and equitable abortion care for all Ohioans.